As a new entrant to the European market; Agile Structures Ltd. builds on valuable experience gained from 9 years of system development and event stand delivery in South Africa. Now operating from headquarters based in the UK, the management team brings together extensive international business experience from engineering, construction and events.

Our Vision:ile Structures Ltd.

Fast build, light weight, zero waste systems will shape the future of sustainable design and construction of temporary and demountable structures. We believe that “Agilitous” systems technology will accelerate growth in the use of multi-tier platform solutions at trade exhibitions and events across Europe.

We recognize that time is critical when dealing with on-site access limitations prior to an event. TherSouth Africa 2013 045efore, our business is focussed on innovative design solutions that can be constructed in the fastest possible timeframe. The “Agilitous” system supports modular design and can incorporate bespoke features to create a truly unique experience. Our system and processes enable fast construction techniques, and our agile philosophy ensures that you continue to benefit from incremental design improvements to all of our products and services.