Agile Structures Ltd. design and manufacture a modular steel construction system for use in fast build, demountable structures.

The Agilitous system is primarily used to deliver double deck event stand solutions for international trade exhibitions and events. With its innovative single bolt design this modular system provides an ideal solution for any project that benefits from the enhanced speed of delivery afforded by this patented structural framework.

We deliver exceptional design solutions by collaborating with our event partners through all stages of the service lifecycle:-

  • Design Meetings help to clarify the vision of the client and ensure this can be brought to      life using modular system components with bespoke design features if required.
  • Delivery Projects are planned together to optimize build time for the demountable event structure so that display features can be integrated at the earliest opportunity.
  • Project Management provides leadership and support throughout the build process to ensure the delivered solution fully meets client expectations.
  • Sustainable Operations ensure that minimal waste is generated in the post-event ramp down as demountable structures are removed in the quickest possible time.

Our Vision:Agile Structures Ltd.

Fast build, light weight, zero waste systems will shape the future of sustainable event stand design and construction. We believe that the Agilitous systems technology will accelerate growth in the use of multi-tier platform solutions at trade exhibitions and events across Europe.

South Africa 2013 045We recognize that time is critical when dealing with on-site access limitations prior to an event. Therefore, our business is focussed on innovative design solutions that can be constructed in the fastest possible timeframe. The Agilitous system supports modular design and can incorporate bespoke features to create a truly unique experience.

Our system and processes enable fast construction techniques, and our agile philosophy ensures that you continue to benefit from incremental design improvements to all of our products and services.

If you are looking for a double deck platform to service your future needs, we believe we have the right solution for you. Feel free to view our Product and Portfolio pages for more details or visit our Gallery to see some of our recent exhibition results.

If you know what you need or are planning for a specific event, please Contact Us directly to arrange a free no obligation design consultation.